I love apples with lime!


I have had this blog for 2 years now.

I started when I was 6

now I’m 8 ūüôā

Anyway my new favorite snack is Gala apples with lime juice. ¬†It’s so good!!!!!!! ¬†So this is how you make it . It’s really simple all you do is cut up a Gala apple and lime and you squirt lime juice on the apple and let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes. ¬†Then take a small piece of the apple and taste test. ¬†If it doesn’t taste how you want it to let it sit longer. ¬†See I told you it was simple!

My daddy likes it too!


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Green Smoothie Challenge

Hi !!¬† get ready for this¬†¬† my¬† mom¬† is doing a green¬† smoothie¬† challenge !!!!!!! cool¬† huh?¬† listen to this-¬† for Christmas¬† I got¬† a notebook¬† and yesterday¬† I wrote¬† my mom a note¬† on it that said “I need a green¬† smoothie ” !!!!!!¬†¬† We also went to a party and she told¬† almost¬† everybody¬† there !!!!!

You can¬† sign¬† up at¬† “green in 2010¬† ”¬† hope you sign up !!!!!!¬†¬† BYE¬†¬† for


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I love Blueberries!!


I love blueberries because they taste so good.¬†¬† We went on vacation and got to pick fresh blueberries,¬† but that’s¬† another story.¬† They were so yummy that I kept eating and eating all of the blueberries.¬† My little fox (WebKinz) loved them too because she is a vegetarian.¬† I like to eat them on chopsticks with raspberries and eat them plain.¬† I like to pick them fresh right off the bush too.¬† We planted a blueberry bush in our backyard this summer but blueberries were never on it.¬† We think they will come next year.

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StrawberryYesterday we had strawberries in our garden!!  We picked them and put them in a bowl and mommy washed one so I could eat it.  When I took a bite of it it was dark red inside and it was delicous.  When we were picking them we found 2 ripe strawberries that some kind of creature was eating, so we threw them out.

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Grapefruits  with  Honey  are  my  favorite  snack.    First,   cut the grapefruit in half then cut  into  sections  and put them into a bowl, then  drizzle  raw  honey on the Grapefruit .  It is delicious!!!

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Hello world!


My name is Eliana. ¬† I am 6 years¬† old.¬† I¬† really¬† like¬† Webkinz. ¬†¬† I¬† have¬† 7¬† of¬† them.¬† ¬† A¬† lot¬† isn’t it?

I’m¬† home schooled. ¬† I¬† like¬† reading and¬† I love¬† fruit !

I¬† have¬† a¬† little¬† brother and¬† he’s¬†¬† always¬† driving¬† me¬† crazy! ¬†¬†¬† His¬† name ¬† is¬† Isaiah. ¬† He’s¬† turning¬† 3 ¬† on¬† June¬† 4th ¬† and ¬† my¬† birthday ¬† is¬† on ¬† February 4th.

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